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Andrew Patrick Traumann

  • The Hawks Landed: The UN's Role in the US-Iraq Conflict (1990-2003)

  • Turbulence in the Middle East: How the 1979 Iranian Revolution was Portrayed by Brazilian Print Media

  • Brief Conflict in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia

  • The Hawks Landed: The UN's Role in the US-Iraq Conflict (1990-2003)

  • The Promised Land on a colonial tray

  • Iran between the West and its Self-Determination

  • The long road to Tehran: Pragmatism and Diversification of Partnerships in Brazilian Foreign Policy after the second oil shock

  • In the Middle of the Crossfire: Brazil's Participation in the Iran-Iraq Conflict


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Hector Loureiro

  • The negotiation for asylum seekers in Brazil in the 1930s: from hope to xenophobia

  • The voice of the Armenian people: Armenian press in São Paulo (1940-1970)

  • Genocides, massacres and massacres: what the Armenian genocide has to teach the Brazilian peripheries

  • The political uses of genocides

  • Considerations about the Brazilian media's approach to the Armenian genocide

  • The Syrian-Lebanese and the Melquita Catholic Church in Juiz de Fora

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Monique Sochacwzewski

  • From Atatürk to Erdoğan: The Republic of Turkey in three stages

  • Hizbullah and the war in Syria: history and possible interpretations (with Felipe Haddock Lobo Goulart) -

  • Global history: an ongoing intellectual enterprise. (JJG Santos Júnior)

  • Ambassador Sérgio Tutikian: a pioneer in the Middle East

  • Brazil and its Border with Islam: The Case of Suriname

  • Between Three Circles (with Guilherme Casarões)

  • Ottoman Israel

  • The slow additions: the Jewish Community in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey (with AG Levaggi) -

  • The bloody year that started in Turkey

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Muna Omran


  • Arab Political Thought - Its Relation to the Palestinian Case

  • The Memorialistic Pact in the Lebanese Diaspora in Brazil

  • Cinema and Politics Egypt in Transformation

  • Vinícius de Moraes and Nizar Kabani in the Construction of Women

  • Tripoli under siege

  • The Sharazado Baiano

  • Enlace das Artes - The Henry Matisse and Sherazade Case

  • Religious Discourse of Identity Preservation in Muslim Alawite Communities in Brazil

  • The Marks of History in the Syrian Civil War

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