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The Middle East Studies and Research Group (GEPOM) is an intellectual cooperative dedicated to research and teaching. Its co-founders and senior researchers are historian Monique Sochaczewski, culturalist Muna Omran and economist Najad Khouri.

GEPOM is also composed of Associate Researchers and Junior Researchers

from different national and international institutions.

Estante de livros

Profª Drª Monique Sochaczewski GEPOM Co-Founder and Senior Researcher

Profª Drª Muna Omran GEPOM Co-Founder and Senior Researcher

Economist Najad Khouri GEPOM Co-Founder and Senior Researcher

Prof. Dr. Andrew Patrick Traumann Associate Researcher

Prof. Dr. Heitor Loureiro Associate Researcher

Luis Felipe Herdy Junior Researcher

Natália Gondim Visiting Researsher


To debate, discuss, analyze, disseminate, consult, organize study groups about the history, literature, geopolitics, economics, culture and current events in the Middle East and also North Africa, and underlying regions such as the Southern Caucasus.

We intend to enable a greater understanding of the region not only for the academic public but also for the general public.


Check out our online course schedule and sign up for those that sparked your interest.

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