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by Heitor Loureiro 

CLASS 1: Religion

CLASS 2: Music

CLASS 3: Cinema and Photography

CLASS 4: Literature


On Wednesdays: 02/02, 02/11, 02/18 and 02/25 

Via Zoom, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

GEPOM courses are taught in Portuguese.

Registration, prices and more information

by e-mail:

This course aims to explore elements of Armenian history and culture over the centuries in the Caucasus region, Asia Minor and the Diaspora. In the first class, we will deal with the mosaic of religions that formed in Armenia until the Christianization of the country in the 4th century. In the second class, we will analyze elements of Armenian music, mainly the current compositions that deal with history and politics like those of the band System of a Down. In the third class, the focus will be on photography and cinema produced in Armenia and by Armenians worldwide, such as Sergei Parajanov and Atom Egoyan. In the last class, we will discuss what can be understood by ‘Armenian literature’, from early Armenian authors to diaspora writers like William Saroyan and Santiago Nazarian.

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