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With Najad Khouri and Heitor Loureiro

CLASS 1: Art, drawings, colors, and techniques

CLASS 2: Iran and Turkey

CLASS 3: The Caucasus and Central Asia

CLASS 4: Contemporary panorama

On Wednesdays: 03/03, 10/03, 17/03 and 24/03

Via Zoom, from 9 pm to 10:30 pm

GEPOM courses are taught in Portuguese.

Registration, prices, and more information

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The course aims to reflect on the art of weaving carpets manually, from ancient times to the present day. Themes such as techniques, drawings, coloring and origins of oriental rugs and producing countries will be analyzed by professors Najad Khouri and Heitor Loureiro. The combination of Najad's experiences in Iran in importing carpets into Brazil, combined with the history of the region narrated by Hector and his experience in Armenia, promise a rich course on the history of works of art that live within the homes of millions of people. people since ancient times.

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