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CLASS 1: Islam and Oil

CLASS 2: Saudi Arabia

CLASS 3: Iran - Nuclear Agreement

CLASS 4: Joe Biden and the New Middle Eastern Geopolitics

On Thursdays: 04/03, 11/03, 18/03 and 25/03

Via Zoom, from 9 pm to 10:30 pm

Registration, prices and more information

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With embraixador Sérgio Florencio and Najad Khouri

The Persian Gulf geopolitics is marked by political, religious and oil conflicts between the two main regional powers - Saudi Arabia and Iran. The course aims to examine the involvement of regional and international powers in the region. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of the USA, especially the expected changes in the Joe Biden Government, especially in relation to the Nuclear Agreement with Iran. Ambassador Sergio Florencio served at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran and Najad Khouri was at the head of Interbras during the advent of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, will seek to transmit the experience lived in that period.

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